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Review: Never to Sleep by Rachel Vincent.



  Don't Close Your Eyes.
  Sophie Cavanaugh is not going to let her freak of a cousin's strange psychiatric condition ruin high school for them both. Not after all the work she's put into cultivating the right look, and friends, and reputation. But then, Sophie sees something so frightening she lets out a blood-curdling scream—and finds herself stuck in a bizarre parallel world where nothing is safe and deadly creatures lurk just out of sight, waiting for her to close her eyes and sleep...forever.
  Could this world be real? Or does insanity run in the family...?

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The cover:

The cover is gorgeous.

The storyline:

So, this is where things kind of get ugly and weird.

The story happens sometime in If I Die, so if you haven’t read it, don’t read this one because it’ll only mess things up for you and spoil If I Die.

Because I hate Sophie, I’m not going to talk much about the story and instead you’ll have points.

What I loved:

  • The story began normally with Sophie being a… you know, herself. Then things totally switched to be more intense.
  • This story has so many twists and facts that I had to pause each time to absorb what was seen or happened!! Just to let you know, these twists has everything to do with my favorite hellion, Avari. Not to mention that we got a glimpse of Addison (T_T <3) and Thane just after Tod and Kaylee became together.
  • I loved how well the story was told and how Sophie found the Crimson Creeper so disgusting and she was getting scared!

What I hated:

  • I hated the Sophie world. I hated how much she hated her cousin, Kaylee and how she called crazy many times behind her back. She was rude.
  • I hated how arrogant she was. It was hell for me to finish this novella.
  • I was expecting to know how things went when Kaylee died and how she reacted when she found out that Kaylee was the heroine all this time Smile with tongue out.
  • The end wasn’t good at all. The end was just what Sophie would do.

The characters:

This time, things are going to be crazy.

Avari is awesome. Sophie’s lucky he didn’t have her head cut off. I’m even suspecting that he let her go intentionally.

Sophie is a very rude, disrespectful and arrogant cousin.

Luc is just mysterious. I’m having my own guesses about him…

My favorite quotes:

There are only 2 but I won’t spoil this review. So, I’ll have to keep them to myself…


I had to read this novella for two reasons and two only:

  1. I had to know what happened to this stupid cousin during If I Die and to know other secrets that weren’t mentioned in the previous novel.
  2. I needed more Soul Screamers craziness because I can’t wait until Before I Wake is out!!! *_*

This was a great read when it comes to the writing style and the new information I got Winking smile. But, The Reaper, the previous Novella, was way better. I think this one was over describing every move of Sophie.




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