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Review: Kill You Last by Todd Strasser.



  "They always agreed to meet me. Of course, I told them I was bringing them money. I said it was cash and I didn't want to send it through the mail. They might have hesitated at first about meeting me, but I never had to work very hard to convince them. Why?. . . It was the only way they could prolong their pathetic dreams of someday becoming rich, famous models."
  Shelby's life in Soundview has always been comfortable. Her dad provides a luxurious lifestyle for his family through his photography business. He makes a ton of money taking headshots of pretty young teens who are desperate to become models. Shelby
has always enjoyed driving around town in a red sports car, shopping with her best friend at her side. And her Mom is laidback, so it's all good.
  However, as reports of girls disappearing from nearby towns start to appear on the news, Shelby's seemingly perfect life begins to fall apart. The three missing girls have one thing in common--they were all clients of her dad's photography business. Secrets
begin to surface as the investigation continues. Shelby receives threatening e-mails, battles the nosy media, and tries to keep her family together. Now that her dad is implicated in the disappearances, can Shelby figure out a way to clear his name? Or is dad not as innocent as he seems?

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The cover:

I love it and it totally fits the subject of this book. Period.

The storyline:

How do I even start this?!

After finishing Blood on My Hands, I immediately started reading this one. I knew I’d love it because I became familiar with the writing style and because I was anticipating the thriller in it :).

The writing style was somehow different which got this book another star (or flower in my case.). The pacing of the story was just right. There were some times when I’d be like “Seriously, now?” but I’d forget about that the instance I read the next sentence, so it wasn’t a big deal for me.

In this book, we meet Shelby, a nice and wealthy girl who lives in Soundview and goes to the Soundview High School. Her father is a well known photographer and a modeling agency director and a father that other girls would dream of. Her mom is a housekeeper who’s been keeping to herself since Shelby’s little brother of 4 months died of Pneumonia.

Then, three girls go missing, and while all the three girls are from different cities other then Soundview, the only thing in common between them is the fact that all three of them were photographed by Shelby’s father.

Shelby finds herself in a mess and later in shock while trying to prove her father innocent and at the same time deal with the revealed truths about her family.

At the end, she does reach her goal of revealing the real murderer but it came with a price she had to pay.

What I loved:

  • The story was heartbreaking and breathtaking. It had suspense, a lot of twists and a horrifying aspect.
  • Shelby, the main protagonist, was a very believable character. She was thinking exactly like a real teenager put in her situation.
  • The chapters of course. There are 45 which are not long at all, and in each chapter you start, you find a new twist that you can’t but finish it and so on until you find yourself at the end of the book!
  • There’s Spanish in here! I love it when I find other languages in books, they make it more interesting ^_^.

What I disliked:

  • Nothing!

The characters:

Shelby is my favorite in the three books by far. She was normal and brave at the same time, and when you read the ending you’ll find that she’s especially brave and very responsible.

Mr. Sloan, who’s Shelby’s father, needs more than one therapist, seriously. But, to be fair, I admired him being honest to her, even if it was at the end, and how he loved her.

Mrs. Sloan needs a therapist too. I figured that at the beginning of the book, but the reason she needed the different for turned out to be totally different from what I had in mind for her.

Roman is Shelby’s best friend and let me tell you something, I wish I had a friend like her!

Whit is a journalist who gradually becomes Shelby’s friend as they discover the truths behind the disappearances together.

Other characters worth mentioning are: Gabriel, the good looking guy who works for her dad, he has plenty of secrets ;). Janet is another worker in her father’s modeling agency, she has secrets too. Mercedes is a worker too, but she’s too nice and kind. Oh, and Chief of police Jenkins is here too! :D (If you don’t now who he is, then read Blood on My Hands first :)).

Favorite quotes:

Despite all the times I’d fantasized about being with him, this was definitely a be-careful-what-you-wish-for moment. --- (Shelby speaking of Gabriel) Chapter 9.

“So instead of snooping around yourself, why not let the police take care of it?” Whit asked.

“Because I think I could be in a position to find out things they can’t,” I said.

“Like pillow talk with Mr. Kissy Face?”

“Stop it!” I snapped, but then admitted, “Well, maybe a little, but believe me, not on any pillows.” --- (p.s: Mr. Kissy Face is Gabriel xD) Chapter 22.

I was impressed by his intelligence, ethics, and empathy. But despite all that, I knew I had to keep trying to prove my father’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Whit gazed at me with a placid, though slightly amused, expression. “You didn’t listen to a thing I just said.”

He was so right. --- Chapter 22.

I was wondering about how to answer him when an e-mail popped up from vengeance13772388@gmail.com: I like you, Shelby Sloan. If I have to kill you, I’ll kill you last. --- Chapter 27.

I’d been taught to be careful and watchful and suspicious. There were men who would say or do anything to get what they desired.

But whoever thinks…that one of them could be your own father? --- Chapter 35.


This was a great book. The best out of the three ones in the thrill-ogy. This one deserves 5 flowers.

Would I recommend the thrill-ogy?

If you like thrill, mystery, suspense and twists brought to you in a unique style each time then, definitely, you won’t regret reading it at all.





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