Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July wrap up and August TBR (1)


This is my first wrap up and TBR post. I should’ve started doing those earlier, but what can I say, it takes time to understand what’s going on and how to do things in the book blogging community. So here it is!

It’s not much but I hope I can improve my reading pace by setting goals :).

wrap up

First, the wrap up.

So I read only four books in July, mainly because I had a difficult time and some issues I addition to me going on vacation for ten days.

But here it is what I read this past month:

(The covers are linked to their reviews).



What I’ve chosen to read this month is kind of a high goal to set. But I decided to read as many books as I can since starting September 1st, I won’t be blogging until next June or so. Which means, I have to read all my favorite series and review books in August.

Here’s the list of books! (The covers are linked to their Goodreads page).

before-i-wake (1)Lockdown02SolitarySCS-final-cover9182478Timepiece3592517309781106610811293827812987863

Right now I’m reading Glitch and Solitary and they’re both good. Especially Glitch since it’s the one I’m making a progress in ;).

If, by a miracle, I finish these books I’ll make another TBR because there are just so many books I’d like to read.

Let me know what you have read in July and what’s in your TBR in the comments, Twitter or Facebook :).



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