Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

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Hello everyone!
I just wanted to come quickly and wish you a happy new year :).

I hope this year will be plenty of books, reading happiness, success and peace.


As an important notice, my original blog address: has been closed as the domain provider mysteriously disappeared and deleted all of its traces and servers, so this will be my new blog address: :).


I should also apologize for not blogging at all since September, but as I said on my main blog, I’m not home and I won’t be until June 6th :s. This makes me sad too :’(.

I am, however, still reading although at a slow pace and I’ll publish my reviews of all the books I read and the books I got since I left in a mini reviews way and a full book haul, so don’t worry :). You can still catch a hold of my progress on Goodreads :).


Have an awesome year everyone and I’ll see in Summer 2013 ^_^.



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