Tuesday, July 9, 2013

To be read pile for the month of: July.



Okay here’s the deal. I’ve been away for too long that I can’t get myself to read anymore :(. Yep, it’s true, my reading slump just got worse! And my reading pile is getting bigger and there are tons of books I want to delve into but I can’t anymore. The other problem is that I kept reading long series and trying to finish them but then they took a long time that now I don’t want to try anything new and I’m not in the mood to finish them because I feel so fed up. It’s a disaster.


So, to clean up this huge mess, I’ve decided that the best way to get thru this is to plan what to read and if I finish the TBR I planned I can then add a book (or in this case a comic book) I really want to read :D!

This way I can be organized and I have a plan. I’m the organized type, so If I say I need to read these book in July, it means I will do my best to finish them :).


Here we go for this month’s TBR:

p.s: Covers link to their Goodreads’ pages.

Books that have been waiting for me to finish them since last year:


E-books that I must read because I already started them this month and I can’t stop this series in the middle:


Also, a couple of review e-books that I need to read:


These are the e-books on my TBR for this month. I know there aren’t a lot, but if I succeed in exciting myself into reading, I’ll probably add more in another blog post, but for now, these need to be read and out of my Goodreads’ reading now list!

If you do a TBR, please let me know what you’re planning to read or link me to your post, I’d love to read them. And if you’ve read any of the books above, let me know what you thought of them :).



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