Review policy + rating system + contact info

- I review YA books which are: Fiction, Sci-fi, Paranormal, Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Dystopian and Contemporary. I also review Adult books if they are thriller, mystery and/or horror. No Romances or Erotica, please.
- I accept all formats (paperback, hardback, ARCs) but I prefer e-books (or e-ARCs) because I live international and I know shipping costs can get crazy. My favorite e-book format is e-Pub but even Mobi and PDF are acceptable.
- I do accept books from self published authors and I have no reason to not review your book if it is in the categories above.
- My review is honest and fair and without spoilers (I try my best to avoid spoiling the book). If I don't like the book I'll simply and politely explain why. Just because I didn't like it doesn't mean others won't and I'll make sure to explain that.

What to expect in my review:
Before my review you'll find:
*The book's cover and information about it and its author, publisher, release date...etc.
*A synopsis from Goodreads.
*Links to the book's page on Amazon, B&N (Barnes & Noble), The Book depository and Kobo, where you can get the e-book/book from.
In my review, I speak about:
*The cover: My thoughts on the cover.
*The storyline:
       - Summary of the story if possible (if I can't summarize without spoiling the book, I'll make sure to explain the story in the points below).
       - What I liked/loved.
       - What I disliked.
*The characters: I usually talk about the main characters, their personalities and the relationships between them. I also mention secondary characters if they have a constant presence in the book.
*Favorite quotes: I put my top 3 favorite quotes.
*Conclusion: I summarize my review in 3 to 5 sentences. It may differ from a book to another.
*A rating: See the rating system below:

Where else I publish my review:
In addition to posting my review here on the blog. I also post the same review on:
- Amazon.
- Barnes & Noble (I might remove the quotes, the cover thoughts or the summary if I exceed the number of characters allowed).
- The Book Depository.
- Goodreads.
- Shelfari.
Blog tours:
I'd love to be part of the blog tour for your books. If you want me to participate in one, feel free to e-mail me at: iranda7[at]gmail[dot]com.